Testimonials - Electronics Bazaar: India no. 1 Business Magazine For Electronics Industry
1) We chose Electronics Bazaar to: “Show our presence in the electronics industry and to reach every potential customer, thus offering them global technologies that will ease the challenges they are facing.”

2) Marketing challenge accomplished: “In the market, be it the small- or medium-sized industry players, people know about us now. It feels good to be known among the players and have a respected brand visibility -- a recognition that Electronics Bazaar has helped us achieve.”

3) Benefits we received: “The extensive reach of Electronics Bazaar has helped us successfully mark our presence in the electronics industry in and around India. EB brings to us the latest industry news, which assists us in major decision-making and business strategy-building activities with reference to the changing market dynamics."
1) We chose Electronics Bazaar to: “Counter the shortcomings of digital media, leverage on the high reach of publications and complete the spectrum for enhancing the company's image.” 

2) Marketing challenge accomplished: “Our campaign has furthered our brand image and improved our reach to the target audience.”

3) Benefits we received: “The campaign has created a Feel-Good-Factor amongst customers and all decision makers in the hi-tech capital equipment industry.”
1) We chose Electronics Bazaar to: Reach out to our target segment through the different forums the magazine is distributed in.

2) Marketing challenges accomplished: Creating brand value and awareness among customers​.

3) Benefits achieved:  The magazine is​ helping us to grow our account base, customer list and brand awareness.
1) We chose Electronics Bazaar: Because of its very high market reach within​ the Indian electronics industry. 

2) Marketing challenge accomplished: Electronics Bazaar keeps us updated on all that is happening in the Indian electronics industry, including changes in government policies, incentives offered, etc.

3) Benefits achieved: ​Juki has been able to improve its brand value in the Indian industry. The company is very well known now among all the industry players.