What’s Electronics Bazaar all about? - Electronics Bazaar: India no. 1 Business Magazine For Electronics Industry
Launched in 2007, Electronics Bazaar, a publication of the EFY Group, is today South Asia's No. 1 electronics B2B sourcing magazine!

It is a treasure trove of information on manufacturers, buyers, dealers and distributors dealing in electronic products and hardware. The magazine gives a comprehensive insight of the electronics B2B market, and aims to provide a complete B2B platform for the buying and selling of electronic products in India.
To stay abreast with the current and future market trends in the electronics industry, the product launches, new technologies and innovations, new manufacturing facilities and emerging sectors in the industry, Electronics Bazaar is the B2B magazine that you should have!

What All Aspects Of Electronics Does EB Cover?

We’re in the middle of a technological renaissance. Technology is moving at a faster pace now than ever before. This is exciting but can be scary too. The Electronics Bazaar editorial team will help you to keep pace with this change by ensuring you are aware of all that is happening around you. This will help you to make investments in a wise manner, giving your business the momentum it needs in a short span of time.
The editorial content of Electronics Bazaar helps businesses in four different ways.
Buy: Get familiar with the latest technologies and products being launched before making a purchase decision for your business.
Sell: Learn about the most in-demand technologies and solutions in the industry, and know the potential customers for your business.
Invest: Understand the market well and get a clear picture of the pros, cons, prospects and roadmaps in a business before you invest your money.
Policy: Stay updated with all the government policies and schemes that are likely to impact your business strategies.

Editorial Series

Industry Report: This report gives the latest technology trends, business ecosystem, market leaders, challenges and future predictions for significant verticals of the electronics industry.
Government Policies & Schemes: This series highlights important government policies and initiatives like incentive schemes, subsidies, regulations and so on that are important for businesses -- both new and established -- from all strata of the electronics ecosystem.
State Focus: This monthly series focuses on the most prosperous business destinations in the country and decodes all the benefits and requirements of investing there.
SMT Focus: Learn about the technological upgrades and latest releases in electronics manufacturing equipment and SMT lines, and the corresponding benefits of these upgrades, in this series.
Manufacturing Focus: Read about ever-evolving solutions and operations that are crucial for the electronics manufacturing process in this series of articles every month.
ePower Focus: This series brings our attention to how various power electronics technologies and solutions are transforming and providing better results for businesses.

Regular Features

Industry News: This report gives the latest technology trends, business ecosystem, market leaders, challenges and future predictions for significant verticals of the electronics industry.
Industry Events: Stay informed about the latest and upcoming electronics events across the globe -- their dates, venues, agenda and point of contact, in this section.
New Products: Stay updated about the latest electronic components, products and manufacturing equipment launched in India with the help of this feature in the magazine.